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 For our March initiative, the All Saints SOS group decided to reach out to friends of people who might be struggling.  We all have mental health and need to take care of it.  Sometimes we don't have the strength to take care of ourselves, so we need our friends.  "Make the Choice to be their Voice" is the tag line for our "web of support" initiative.  In the open space of our foyer, we created a web of strings and attached all of the supports that can be accessed.  Our bulletin board details the same tagline and information.  Finally, our bathroom stall signage explains how to support the 1 in 5 who will experience a mental illness.  Friends can play an important role in the mental health recovery process but it's helpful to know exactly what our role should be and what we should and should not say.  As always, our message is to ask for help.  Parents, teachers, family doctors and many other supports can help and get you or a friend on the road to recovery.