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Program Information

The program begins with an Introduction to TAMI, which will be facilitated by a TAMI Coalition member to help set the stage for the program. Following that, there are 5 modules, which the classroom teacher delivers. Topic of modules include stigma, mental health and mental illness, stress management, self-esteem, and community resources among other information.

Towards the end of the program, a TAMI coalition member will return to facilitate a session (one class period) of presentations by people living with mental illness (TAMI Speakers). There will be an opportunity for students to ask questions. It is expected that school administrators, guidance counsellors and school board mental health support staff be invited to this session.

This program can fit into the Ontario Secondary School Curriculum for many subjects including: Healthy Active Living Education (Grade 11), Health for Life (Grade 11), Intro to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology (Grade 11), Media Studies (Grade 11), Leadership and Peer Support (Grade 11), Philosophy (Grade 11), Individuals and Families in Diverse Society (Grade 12), Healthy and Active Living Education (Grade 12), and Parenting and Human Development (Grade 12).

This program can also fit into the school curriculum where there are “teachable moments”. Examples include: English classes studying a novel in which a character may have a mental illness, art classes where there may be a study of an artist with a mental illness etc.


Bringing TAMI to Your Class

Book the TAMI program in your school by emailing TAMI Coordinator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Once you have booked, you will be provided with a teacher’s manual and student workbooks to guide you through the program. The current version of the TAMI program has been vetted through the Durham TAMI Coalition comprised of mental health professionals from community organizations and school boards.


How to Prepare for TAMI 

After booking the TAMI program, you will receive a confirmation email from the TAMI Coordinator which will confirm the dates and times of the TAMI Facilitator(s) will be coming to provide the Introductory Session and Speaker Session at your school, as well as the names of the Facilitator(s) who will be coming on each day.  In the confirmation email, the TAMI Coordinator will also send you a copy of the curriculum documents you will need to run the TAMI program.  

Before the TAMI Facilitator comes to your classroom, please read your email and curriculum materials carefully to ensure you have all the materials required.  You will need photocopies of the student workbook for each student as will be detailed in the confirmation email.  Please review this How to Prepare for TAMI document for further information.