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Is TAMI coming to your school?

TAMI is an awareness program that increases students’ knowledge and changes attitudes about mental illness in a positive way.

The TAMI program was adapted from a program run by Centre for Addictions and Mental Health in Toronto (CAMH). It was shown that having personal contact with people who are living with mental illness challenges myths and reduces stigma. For this reason, TAMI brings speakers to schools and arranges awareness summits each year for students and teachers.

InClassYouthGoals of the in-class program:

1. To decrease or eliminate the stigma around mental illness

2. To share information and materials that teachers can use with students in the classroom

3. To share information with students and teachers so they can then go on to develop school-wide programs around mental health and breaking down stigma

4. To provide an opportunity for students to learn from people who have experienced mental illness first hand

5. To help students understand where and how they can access help for themselves and their peers


What will your TAMI week look like?

The program begins with an Introduction to TAMI, which will be led by a TAMI Coalition member to help set the stage for the program.

Following that, there are 5 sections, which your teacher will lead. Topics include stigma, mental health and mental illness, stress management, self-esteem, and community resources among other information.

During the fourth module, a TAMI Coalition member will return to introduce you to one or two people living with mental illness (TAMI Speakers). There will be an opportunity for all students to ask questions. 

You will learn about supports that are available in your community if you or someone you know or care about experiences a mental health challenge.